Welcome to Mapping the City

Young people, the places they treasure, and the things they use the city for are usually missing from maps. Mapping the City seeks to address this.

Alongside artists, we've been running mapping workshops in schools and youth organisations to give participants the power to map their worlds.

They shared with us rich, detailed, emotional, amusing and fascinating insights that never appear in any maps. Through our exhibition as part of the Juice Festival 2016, and this site, we want to reveal some of their perspectives, and hopefully make you reconsider maps and what they represent for you. Four key themes emerged from the hundreds of maps we collected:




Follow the links to explore these themes and click here to find out more about maps and mapping. To read more about what we did on this, and other projects, read our blog.


A lot of people have made this project possible, and we’d like to thank them:
Juice Festival and NewcastleGateshead Initiative. All the young people at schools, universities and youth groups who revealed their worlds and city to us. The teachers who let us into their classrooms: Christine Egan-Fowler, Louise Marley, Laura Hart, and Karen McCall. New Writing North and DAD?crew!. The Core. Newcastle Libraries. Nikki Whittle. The Holy Biscuit. Space2 & YMCA. Artists: Jessica Dolby, Ben Jones and Adam Godwin.